Transcend is a pro-active response to the question ‘What’s next?’ We are privileged to belong to a diocese with so many opportunities for young people. Transcend is not a replacement for any of these opportunities but aims to help develop, support and deepen our faith in all aspects of our lives.


What is Transcend?

Transcend will build a community of disciples and create a support network of enthusiastic leaders who can transform our communities and our Church.


How will Transcend work?

Transcend aspires to create an environment of discipleship providing opportunities for inspiration, questioning, openness, learning and discovery in order to deepen our faith. Transcend is an organic process that aims to be alive, moving, developing and changing to fit the needs of the disciples. There will be a monthly evening session at St Mary’s Cathedral and three residential weekends at the Emmaus Village.


Who is Transcend for?

Young people, aged 16-early 20s years old who feel called to develop and grow deeper in faith.

Who would benefit from Transcend?

Anyone on Transcend, our partnerships, the Church and beyond.


How much will it cost?

The cost is £380; however, the partnership you belong to will, hopefully, help you cover this cost.


Do I have to go to all  the sessions?

It will be expected that anyone on Transcend should commit to attend each session but, in difficult situations, missing one session is understandable.


How do I apply?

Put together a paragraph (approx. 200 words) about why you would like to be a disciple on Transcend.   Also name a referee – this could be your parish priest or another person from your Partnership Development Group.


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The Transcend logo is inspired by a melting pot in a foundry pouring new material into a mould. In the logo, the cross and the blood of Christ is being poured out to make things new.

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