The Examen

On Youth Friday and Youth Sunday, the Youth Ministry Team is gave everyone in the diocese, the young people and the adults, a small gift. A gift they can take with them wherever they are and take that opportunity to connect to God. It is the gift of prayer.


The prayer is called The Examen. We didn’t invent The Examen. It's an ancient form of prayer by an order of priests called the Jesuits, the same one that Pope Francis belonged to when he joined the priesthood. What we are sharing is an adaption or version of The Examen. It may not be the one with which some of you may be familiar or one that can be found in many published prayer books. This Examen is a version, we thought, for beginners like many of us who are exploring the idea of prayer.


You may download the free version of The Examen from this website. There are several versions of The Examen which are available to download which include a male and female prayer guide, a 3-minute version which may be more suitable for younger members of the parish, and a YouTube version with the guided prayer on the screen too.

To download, right-click on the orange button and choose the Save/Download option.

The Examen with a Male Prayer Guide

The Examen with a Female Prayer Guide

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